The Temporary Academy of Arts was initiated by Elpida Karaba in 2013. PAT (the Greek abbreviation of Temporary Academy of Arts) is a mobile academy of arts and at the same time an art project of experimental education that adopts mechanisms from various systems of knowledge and art practices for the production and transmission of artistic programs and the construction of their historicity. PAT proposes the development of a para-institutional action.

The Academy is working upon different educational, artistic and social models and adopts a research based and multidisciplinary approach to knowledge production. Rather than being merely an educational platform or an art school, PAT functions as an analytical tool, concentrating on spatial and institutional criticism. PAT examines the norms to which historiography and history writing is subjected and the effects produced by the discursive production of the past, as a strategic claim for the future. PAT’s projects, combine the symbolic with the mediated and the tactical in order to examine art, its production and working terms, inquire on the status and potential of art to address the current condition, examining the local and the translocal and to question the mechanisms of producing and framing knowledge.

In each project of the Academy, different artists and theorists are invited as educators, visitors or as consultants to organize and carry out the outcome of the project while different modes of art and educational practice are used, such as workshops, discussions, interviews, performances etc.

PAT has participated in and initiated various exhibitions, workshops, projects, talks and lectures.